Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We haven't seen hide nor hair of KrissyKrissyKrissy so far. Cathleen in California was off yesterday but she's back today. Our top banana librarian is off today too. I see Dave Lupas is running for judge around here. I don't know who's for him but I've found one blogger so far who most certainly doesn't seem to like him. I'm entirely a.political which isn't all that good, so I don't know much about the guy anyway unfortunately. Having spent pert near all my natural born days someplace else anyway, I'm not terribly well informed about our local yokels in politics. Mayors in Lindenhurst, interestingly, seem to turn out to be parishioners at O.L.P.H. as a general rule. I think they pick somebody's name out of the collection basket once every four years instead of bothering with a real election. A while ago, the librarians here on duty got into a bit of a snit about how to spell the word "psychology" & I, always having been a most totally numero uno good speller, rushed to their rescue.

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