Monday, May 07, 2007


Yesterday, all the local young.uns received their First Holy Communion at 10:00 a.m. Mass at O.L.Sorrows. There were more than a few of them. When it was my turn, four decades ago this month, only my friends Earl, Jo.Anne (whom I'm now finally back in touch with) were there. As far as I know, Earl & family may be somewhere over in Puerto Rico. Today the church is having a blood drive from one o'clock to six o'clock. Blood drive people have been calling me like crazy lately. I can't stand the phone so I'll never forgive them. Giving blood isn't a great feeling but I've always been very conscientious about it. Ever since my days in N.Y. with my old job & KofC council I've given donations a million times over. KrissyKrissyKrissy got home a smidge late today. She was busy with something she couldn't get out of. My mother wants to find out about some kind of skin cancer stuff that's going on around here. I suppose that's interesting. All my relatives are now getting agitated over the big thingy that's coming up for the fourth of July weekend. They'll be driving each other stark raging nuts over the course of the next few weeks. On top of that there's Stacy's shower next week. Naturally, I woke up with a headache in the middle of the night just in time for what I expected would be a miserable Sunday but I took a headache pill and all worked out well. Unfortunately, Maria very badly hurt her nose & they thought it was broken. Her sister Josephine is also very sick.

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