Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Today's weather is a smidge on the cooler side compared to our recent very hot streak. It's a nice change of pace. I just like very warm weather though. Well, folks, I reckon the big annual shindig over in Hilldale is coming up once again. It will be on the very last weekend of June this year. It will be fattening, over crowded & nerve wracking as always. I never get to see any of these characters all year though, so it should be really interesting. It's a swell time combined with all sorts of hysterics, gossip & sunburn. Perhaps you're wondering why I came up with the Beatles & Grateful Dead videos yesterday. This week is the Sgt. Pepper anniversary. It was on the first. I like the Fabs' early days better than the psychedelic era though. The Grateful Dead video is because tomorrow is Jerry Day. I couldn't help noticing on the "Don't Ease Me In" video that it was recorded on June 27, 1970, close to exactly thirty seven years ago. I first found out about "Don't Ease Me In" in 1980, when the Dead released it on their "Go To Heaven" album. Ever since then, it's been quite an absolute favorite of mine.

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