Monday, June 04, 2007


A couple of nights ago, I saw Woody Allen's "Take the Money & Run." I've always been a very big fan of his. He's like the Jewish version of me, a Yorker who just can't get a break. Yesterday Fran & Uncle Frankie came over for supper. It was the first Sunday of the month & that appears to have gotten to be a habit by now. Johno told me a few days ago that the bowling league's dinner at the Milleridge Inn was a couple of Fridays ago. All the remaining league members & new people were there, I should hope. Today is Mary Anne & Steve's nineteenth anniversary. The time most certainly flew by on that one, huh? KrissyKrissyKrissy was around fifteenish minutes late getting home this morning. Someone outside is packing an umbrella so I take it our long drought is just about over. The weather has been awfully dry lately. Grass for miles around is quite an annoying shade of brown. I felt stupid even bothering to cut the grass.

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