Friday, June 08, 2007


Yesterday, Sam's birthday & Jerry Day, went quite well. I spoke to Same & Michael on the phone for a few minutes. The birthday boy got a wet suit for a present. I asked Michael for some help with my computer but he said it's most probably just plain dying of old age by now. Uncle Frankie & Fran showed up, as usual last night, for a little while. I'm assuming the Ronald has been feeling a smidge better lately because he just sent me an e.mail a few minutes ago. Up until recently, every time I've gone out for the papers each day, I've gone to the local Wyoming Ave. Unimart. Yesterday, though, I got the really bright idea to start taking advantage of those paper machines on the streets around here. They open up whenever somebody puts the right amount of change in & he just gets to take out the paper he wants. The only disadvantage is to the distributor because there's nothing stopping a crook from taking more than what he's chosen to pay for. KrissyKrissyKrissy's not back from her latest jaunt just yet. She's confusing. Today's the day when the grand & glorious Friday dance beckons for one & all. Ever since I first discovered the Friday dance it's been catching on quite well.

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