Thursday, June 14, 2007


Lately I've been learning to walk really well. I've never gotten around to it before but I need the exercise. Last year, during the nice weather, I really set my mind to it. Yesterday, at the levee, I walked a full mile along the path. Including the walk each way, to & from, I really must have put on quite a whole lot of mileage. Unfortunately, I ended up with a very large callous on my right foot. Because yesterday was the Feast of St. Anthony(pronounced Ant'ny) of Padua, I made sure I went to 7p.m. Mass at St. Anthony's Church in Exeter. They gave out the traditional bread. I finished that Jane Austen book too. Although it's usually been very warm these days, today's awfully cool. It's a nice change of pace, but I'm still much more of a hot weather kind of guy. Yesterday there was the slightest smidge of a drizzle. Besides Stacy's wedding & the Fourth of July, we shall be soon getting ready for Tina's graduation too. I suppose all of her hundreds of best friends will be there. Because it's summer, the library has been getting insanely crowded lately.

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