Monday, June 11, 2007


The weekend went quite well for me. I signed up, at O.L.Sorrows Church, for a lectors' meeting at St. Joseph's on June 23. Tonight I have to go to O.L.Mt.Carmel Church for a talk that's being given by a really famous professor. KrissyKrissyKrissy just got back this morning. All has been going well in New York. Yesterday I read something, in the Times Leader, that struck me as quite interesting. The article was about music's lasting effect on young people. It turns out that according to this article, the assumption that an individual's addiction to the music of his adolescence really does linger all through his lifetime. It's not just a boring trite cliche. The music of one's teens & early twenties will always follow him around from then on. No wonder I keep on hearing "Mockingbird", "I Want to Be A Lifeguard", & "Freeze Frame" wandering around through my head so frequently. I've always considered the music of the sixties my very favorite though. I really quite desperately need a haircut but haven't gotten around to one just yet. I've been walking a lot for exercise. Last night I saw most of the Elizabeth Taylor movie,The Diary of Anne Frank.. Nothing much has changed so far.


tomshideaway said...

How will I ever grow up with songs like "I'M 18 and Schools Out For Summer" running through my head!!

iamthewalrus said...
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tomshideaway said...

By the way, I see you have a site re. Billy Shears, and you are from PA. I had a cousin, named Billy Sheares from Matamoras PA, sadly he passed away but we always used to sing that line from A Little Help From My Friends..