Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Last night & very early this morning we most certainly got quite a for really & for truly doozy of a rainstorm. We need lots of rain though so it's good news. This morning I cut the grass after it dried up. I found an old pair of sneakers in my trunk at the Carmelite meeting on Saturday. I made sure I put them on just because of the grass. KrissyKrissyKrissy's off once again to New York today. My big lector meeting is coming up this Saturday morning at St. Joseph's. So far I don't know of anyone else who's agreed to show up. It's supposed to last from 9:00 a.m. until noon. I used to lector absolutely constantly at O.L.P.H. Now I can do the same thing around here. Oddly, I most certainly don't seem to have any kind of anxiety or anything about that kind of public speaking. I should assume that very many people would be all sorts of stark raging terrified of it. It's especially surprising that I can handle it so well because I've always had more than a smidge of a shy streak.

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B-Man said...

My knees used to knock when I first started out. I was so afraid of messing up .......but then since I was doing the 6:45 I said to myself these people are half asleep anyway......see how good I reconciled that? So now I amn a rock up there, it only took 14 years. Talk to you soon my favorite lector.