Saturday, June 23, 2007


This morning I went to St. Joseph's on 6th Street in Wyoming for the big lector meeting. Officially it was only supposed to last for three hours but it ran around an hour late. Fortunately I wasn't on a deadline. Fr. Walsh showed up & there were a few other people there too. It was really interesting & informative. Yesterday, I completely messed up & took a pair of my father's reading glasses when I first went out in the morning. That drove me bananas trying to drive. I couldn't see well enough to find my way out of a brown paper bag. Another dose of my usual shenanigans was when I went down to the levee(please sing) to take a walk. I walked all the way down there & made sure I followed the little blue numbered markers until I got up to an entire mile, then turned back. When I got home, there was a callous, once again, on my right foot. The thing was as big as five people put together. It hurt & I limped quite a whole lot. That's why I've never been all that fond of exercise. The next time I go down to the levee I intend to drive.

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