Thursday, September 27, 2007


Happy fortieth birthday to my much younger cousin Michael in New Jersey. I made sure I sent him my inevitable Beatle posty. Mary got the one I sent her a while ago. Yesterday I went to the St. Therese novena again. Surprisingly, on the way home, I managed to turn precisely onto the right street so there was no trouble getting home. The slightest mistake on that first turn inevitably leads to an absolute nightmare. One especially weird thing happened over there yesterday. Some complete lunatic in the parking lot parked his car so it would block the exit of the lot. It was five minutes before I could get out. For September it's been unusually hot lately. Autumn is already here but summer, fortunately, has yet to let go, although the sun, to my chagrin, goes down much earlier each night. I just found out that Marcel Marceau has died. He was a_as far as I know, the only_world-renowned French mime. He appeared in Mel Brooks' seventies' classic, Silent Movie. He was the only character who spoke, saying merely the word "No".

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