Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Lately I've been getting quite an awful lot of e mail from the cousins about pictures. They're looking through all their old stashes of stuff to find photos from yesteryore for Brianne's collection. It at least seems to be keeping them out of trouble so far. The roads are a sheet of ice as of very early this morning. Roads & bridges in the area have been closed down. I've been plowing through "The Possessed" quite well lately. It was very controversial in its time & during the days of the Soviet Union. Uncle Frankie hasn't shown up for the past couple of days so I suppose he's busy with something. Fran's staying really close to work this week which, considering today's weather, is a mighty good idea. California Cathleen told me today that she went to Laguna Beach to see some of John Lennon's artwork. Oddly she never knew that he was always so prolific a visual artist. Mary Anne & family left a CD of seventies oldies here when they left after the weekend. I got little curious about the Starship song, "Jane". It was the only title I didn't recognize. When I listened to it this morning though, I couldn't help noticing that I've heard it millions of times since those days. I just never bothered to pay any attention to the title before.

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