Monday, January 21, 2008


Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I'm old enough to remember his assassination. A kid in my old neighborhood always called him Martha Luther King. Today I got the Philadelphia Inquire & the Citizen's Voice. Because Philadelphia has such a significantly large Black population, the Inquirer was full of articles about King & his impact on the U.S., the civil rights movement & mankind in general. Most things are closed down today. The paper argued that if King could have lived, even the current war in Iraq could have been avoided. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday & ate supper with us. Xanga's question for today is asking each of us whether he celebrates King Day. I don't really bother to think twice about it. Of course, I know that it has quite a major degree of significance. Mary Anne sent out a video from Youtube. It's Michael's latest adventure. He made a short film with some friends of his. It's called "Free Your Mind". I was quite happy to be able to see it. He's extremely heavily into film study & does quite well at things like that. Today & yesterday the weather has been absolutely bitter cold. There's no snow or ice though so I'm quite happy with it. I just got forced to warm my car up a bit more than I'm used to. I know it must already be common knowledge by now, but today is penguin awareness day & tomorrow is hugging day.

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