Thursday, January 17, 2008


Uncle Frankie came over yesterday & spent a few hours rambling on with my parents about the olden days. Of course, we got quite a load of all the never_ending hardships of yore. Those accounts of generations gone by always seem to have a lot of extra painful maudlin details added with each successive re_telling. I can tell the average story of that ilk in as few words as possible: Everything was harder, people were more decent, etc. The weather's still cold but at least it's not snowing lately. Saturday I have to go to another Carmelite meeting. I just found out, on xanga, that the FDA has decided that cloned meat is safe for consumers to eat. That's pretty weird but I should suppose it's not all that gross compared to the mad scientists who literally want to clone people. I just got an e mail from Mary from my school days. We knew each other from the seventh grade through high school. She's just one example of the kinds of characters who can wander back into people's lives because of the internet. I heard on TV last week that the internet only even exists because of the hippie era of the sixties. That makes sense because few things were more important back then than the kind of rampant, insane self_expression that can now be done with the internet. I just wish everybody would wise up & get a spell_check.

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