Monday, January 14, 2008


Last night was the latest of our monthly HNS meetings. Fr. Walsh didn't show up because of his niece's wedding in Hershey. Rocco wasn't there either. Most of our regulars were there, including Jerry who made the chili. There were hooch & junk food too. It was time for the official changing of the guard. Believe it or not, I'm now down to my last thirty pages of "War & Peace". I'll not be reading it again for quite a while. I just saw the most surprising thing when I first got here a while ago. Two of the regulars got here the same time I did. They seem to be in the habit of doing some of their work on the computers. One of them was wearing_ugh!_a short sleeved shirt & tie!. Neither of them had a coat on. They were both dressed for spring. It's bitter cold with sleet outside. Cold weather has always gotten me crazy. They promised us snow last night but it amounted to nothing. Today it may accumulate. I'm not looking forward to it, but I know I'll have to get a haircut pretty soon at Rose's on Eighth Street. Another dreaded yet inevitable chore is my inspection. That's due this month too. Over the past week, I watched a lot of shows about the sixties & haunted houses. Of cours, I've always been really interested in things like that.

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