Friday, January 18, 2008


Last night there was a bit of a snowstorm. I parked my car in the driveway so I could count on no trouble getting out today. It wasn't even the least bit bad, just snow all over my car. When I went to the gas station on Shoemaker Ave. I got ten dollars worth of gas. The woman accidentally gave me $10.33 worth. Prices have gone surprisingly down lately. Instead of just the Citizen's Voice I got the N.Y. Times too. That's one of the papers we conservatives enjoy scoffing at. I asked for the first pump & when I got to it another guy, with a big gas_guzzler, had already beaten me to it. Today a guy at the library asked me for help so he could save some pictures he found on the internet. I sent him to one of my very favorite sites for that kind of thing. Last night I read some more of that Jane Austen book. It's going very fast. Today's the big day for the Friday dance. Lately, besides junk food, I've also been going on quite a cracker binge. Usually I end up eating them with butter, cheese or peanut butter. I don't suppose it's all that good of a habit unfortunately. Eddie, to my undying chagrin, sent me an e mail reminding me of both the year I got out of high school & the year I turned thirty. Tomorrow morning is my monthly Carmelite meeting.

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