Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday, as I was wandering around the Barnes & Noble at the Casey Plaza, I stumbled upon a book that I shall most certainly have to get sooner or later. I've always been interested in everything about the Fab Four. In this book, journalist Steve Turner analyzes our four very favorite hippie Evangelists, Sts. John, Paul, George & Ringo & their spiritual impact upon their contemporaries & posterity. It covers their religious upbringing & adult spiritual interests. Over the course of my lifetime I've always gotten seriously weird ideas about how they, & other sixties characters, could be compared & contrasted with New Testament characters. Today Robin will be flying in from Chicago. All my life I used to hear of the airport as the Avoca Airport. As it turns out, it's officially named the Scranton/Wilkes_Barre Airport. It's right over at the very northernmost end of Rte. 315. Alas, she will be only staying until Sunday. That's when the kids will be first showing up for their turn. Mary Anne called this morning to talk more about their big trip. My Carmelite meeting is coming up on Saturday morning. It should be really interesting. I got everything done in advance. The weather continues to get progressively better & better these days. Last night I watched Fr. Mitchell Pacwa on EWTN. His show was about the Nazi Holocaust in WWII during which many millions of Catholics & Jews were murdered. It included a defense of Pope Pius XII against left wing false scholarship.

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