Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The weather's still a smidge cooler than I like it but it's getting springier as we go along. Robin, from what I hear, is supposed to be coming to Pa. to visit for a while. So are Sam & Bridget. Unfortunately, Michael's not available. I should assume that things will be really busy around here with all them around. My mother made sure she called Rose last night to find out about how Karen has been coming along. We've all been most certainly praying for her. I just went to Turkey Hill today for gas. It's getting more expensive all over the place these days. Even more bad news is that because of the upcoming election we now have to put up with all sorts of interviews with Hillary, McCain & Obama. It's all as boring & predictable as it is unavoidably necessary. Pope Benedict, whose birthday is today, is now in Washington, D.C. It's the first time a reigning pope has visited the White House since Pope John Paul II visited Jimmy Carter in 1979. Yesterday I ate donuts & oddly, for once, they didn't come from Uncle Frankie. That was most certainly quite a surprise since he's our usual guaranteed source of all things fine & fattening. At my old KofC council, 794 in Lindenhurst, I used to get Dunkin' Donuts every Thursday night at bingo. Here I get to watch my step because nothing like that ever comes up. Brian from Myspace just reminded me that the fact that people spend so much time at computer keyboards these days has really been having quite an entirely negative impact upon our handwriting. I can't write for squat anymore...not that I ever could anyway. At least my penmanship used to be legible.

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