Monday, April 14, 2008


It's not raining today but I like the weather a bit warmer than this. The library's ice cold. It's frequently very cold in here so it's not all that much of a surprise. I couldn't help noticing, while looking through a pile of my papers this morning, that there will be yet another job fair at the Wachovia Arena next Tuesday. Going to one of those things has always struck me as infinitely easier than any other way of getting applications for jobs. It leads to much more volume. I'll be able to have a much easier time getting to the place for this next one because I've already made the trip once before. Last night was our monthly Holy Name Society meeting. It went well except that one of the guys got really offended by an offhand remark Howard made. He left in the middle of it all. Jerry made chili with beans & rice. Sometimes I miss one of the meetings because they're hard to remember. This month's meeting wasn't printed in the bulletin. There were the usual hooch, soda & cookies. Fr. Walsh didn't show up. The lectoring went well on Saturday. Mary covered for Rocco. It was even Rocco's birthday recently. The cousins are still rambling on back & forth on email about all their current events. Lately we haven't heard too much from anybody except that Larry said he wanted to visit Karen. Yesterday I watched a little of Raymond Arroyo's interview with W. on EWTN.

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