Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It's an especially nice spring day. The weekend was nice. Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday. I went, after the Latin Mass, to Mass at the Oblates' seminary. It was crowded but all went well. Yesterday was icy bitter cold & pouring. I gave blood at the ambulance place on Maffett St. in Plains. Nicole was the phlebotomist who took it from me. There was no crowd & I had a 4:00 appointment so unlike most times, I was in & out surprisingly fast. Instead of my N.Y. KofC council's full meal, all I got here were cupcakes & cherry Kool.Aid & Egg McMuffin coupon. I couldn't give a double red cell donation because my iron count was too low. That's happened before. They gave me my druthers among different colors of bandages & I took red. The internet's been down in Wyoming's library ever since yesterday. I'm at the Hoyt Library in Kingston today. For the past couple of nights, I've had weird dreams. Last night I dreamed I got into an accident in a truck, which is weird because I've never driven a truck. It happened in a NY City like place which is weird because I don't go there much. It was because I put a cover over the windshield which is weird because I wouldn't dare even think of doing that. Two nights ago, I dreamed I was in a public place, trying to play a nice twelve.string acoustic guitar. I noticed that the two lowest strings were missing. Before I knew what hit me, some woman came by & took it from me, claiming that it was hers. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday for a while. We ate pork chops & latkes. I put apple sauce & mayonnaise on mine. On Saturday night, I finished watching "Lost Horizon". My mother went to the doctor for tests today. The last time I heard, Bridget's tests were taking a while.

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