Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Barack Obama clinched the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency. According to CNN's site, Joseph Biden, Hillary Clinton, Ed Rendell & Michael Bloomberg are among his potential running mates. Happy twentieth anniversary to Mary Anne & Steve. It was twenty years ago today. I was one of the ushers & ended up even having to be a lector too, which must have been what provoked me, later on, into becoming America's lector. My father & Uncle Frankie went to the game last night. They made a mistake though. As it turned out, they found out when they got there that their tickets weren't really supposed to be good until tonight. About a half hour before he showed up, Uncle Frankie called. There was a problem with the fire alarm or something in his basement. Like all alarms of that kind, when the battery pert near dies out, it starts making an extremely seriously annoying beeping noise so he complained to us about it. Yesterday I started reading a biography of Pope Benedict XV. I have two of them & this is the more recent one. Once again yesterday I watched "I Love Lucy". I've already seen each episode about a billion times over by now but until they bring back "The Honeymooners" on a regular basis, it's my only hope.

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