Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Late yesterday afternoon, I went to the Turkey Hill gas station in Exeter for gas. My parents spent all day shopping. Gas prices are getting entirely out of control. I just noticed, on the Washington Post & Seattle Post sites, that Hillary Clinton has won in Puerto Rico but Obama has won in Iowa. Unfortunately, even Big Willie wants her to give in. It's not that I'm even the least bit impressed by her or Obama. It's just that she's the substantially lesser of two evils. Vinnie sent me an e mail. Fortunately he intends to show up in Hilldale for the Fourth of July. We shall have to make sure we get a chance to go for ice cream again. I hope we get to take Anthony with us again. Maybe this time I shall be able to take them to Jitty Joe's. The weather's especially nice today. I think it may have rained a bit last night. Mary Anne called last night with all the latest New York gossip. Bridget's big weekend is coming up in less than two weeks. She's really looking forward to it. This morning right before I left I couldn't find my glasses. At the last minute, fortunately, I went over to the refrigerator & they were on top of it. That gets extremely annoying for me when I lose track of something & have no idea where I could possibly have put it. I lose things like that very often unfortunately. It's scary if I'm on a deadline & annoying if I'm not.

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