Friday, July 25, 2008


Today's our first full day, so far, without rain. It's especially nice with a cool gentle breeze. Yesterday I got back to that book about Marxism. I'd neglected it for a while. If I don't get moving on it, considering how long it is, I shall never get to finish it. Some of it can be more than a little on the dry side. I've studied economics a bit so I recognized the names of David Ricardo & Adam Smith. I also did a whole lot of practicing guitar scales. It can get very annoying after a while but it's a necessary evil. Maybe it's just my imagination but the whole things seems so much easier now than ever before. Today is Friday, time for our official Friday dance. So far the weekend doesn't seem to have anything particularly interesting in store for anybody. I have to lector at 5:00 Mass tomorrow but that's most certainly not all that big of a jolt for me by now. My mother called Mary Anne last night. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly big going on with them these days. I didn't see Uncle Frankie yesterday but knowing him he may have shown up when I wasn't around.

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