Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last night & this morning there was yet another violent rainstorm. Now the weather is very nice, cool & breezy. I've been noticing lately that gas prices have gotten substantially less expensive than they've been in quite a long while around here. Let's just hope our lucky streak can be counted on to last. It seems entirely too good to be true. The reason I haven't been using this blog much lately is because it's usually difficult to get into. It's often blocked. Under those circumstances I go to either my Myspace blog, Wordpress, Blogster or one of my others. Oddly, I have entirely too many. Yesterday I went right back to my guitar & practiced all those scales & Beatle songs. I keep improving, I should most certainly hope. I spent a while reading a book about St. John of the Cross too. I read something a while ago that said that there's a Sanjuanist influence in Emily Dickinson's poetry. From what I know of Dickinson, she could really identify with the idea of the Dark Night of the Soul. The book I read yesterday said that there was a lot of his influence in T.S. Eliot's poetry too. Unfortunately, I've never read much of anything by Eliot. As usual I watched "I Love Lucy" & "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" yesterday & last night I even tried to call in & ask a question on that show with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. but they didn't put me on. A few days ago, Fran asked why I never bother with new shows. I really didn't even have the satisfaction of any kind of an answer for her. Modern pop culture just bugs the hell out of me.

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