Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Alas, fall has arrived. It's really nice up to a point. I just can't handle all the extremes when things really get rolling. It appears that this was one church fund raiser where I, unfortunately, didn't end up winning anything. Unfortunately, because I put myself through all sorts of extra strain on Sunday, I spent all day yesterday entirely wiped out with an extremely annoying headache. Lately my back hurts a little less each day. Yesterday I got a birthday card from Red Lobster(I think). It struck me as quite a surprise until I opened it & noticed that it was an invitation from Marriott Hotels, to some kind of a time share presentation. Those companies are always trying to sucker people into things like that. Lately I've been occasionally watching "Seinfeld" again. It's an extremely seriously odd show, with characters & circumstances that just aren't to be believed. That must be why I've turned out to be such a fan. I like to think I may be perhaps classified as somewhat on the eccentric side.

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