Monday, September 22, 2008


The big day for St. Joseph's was yesterday. Their annual harvest festival started immediately after 12:30 Mass. I dressed for the miserable weather at the beginning of the day. I wore my heavy Strawberry Fields sweater. It was cold, damp & foggy. It got very nice later on though. My parents, Uncle Frankie & Fran all showed up. I ran into John, an old friend of Fran's & Fran introduced me to her old friend Linda's mother. The same couple as last year, John & Millie, were in charge of everything. The got me working at the food stand, which was quite an absolute nightmare for one & all. It was hectic & confusing & the take out orders were an absolute nightmare. They also made me sell Wii's & take charge of a children's game. I pigged out quite a whole lot. Unlike the other churches' fundraisers, I don't think I won anything at this one. Unfortunately when we were going food shopping on Saturday at Food Town, my father tripped over the curb & fell. He didn't get too badly hurt but it was very annoying.

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