Thursday, September 25, 2008


Later today I have to go to the American Legion Post at 101 E. Carey St. in Plains for a blood drive. That street is on a seriously steep hill. So far the novena to the Little Flower has been working out quite well. I especially like the fact that by now, I'm used to going there so it's no trouble for me anymore. Mary Anne & family will be showing up tomorrow night for the birthday party. My back still hurts but the pain is sort of dwindling down to a minimum by now. My latest excursion into junk food has been popcorn. Recently I have been eating at least a little bit each night from out of a huge bag . Every day lately I get more & more e mail from the Ronald, Mark & Brian. It's all about the story of stuff. It's a never ending political, economic & social tirade. I, of course, occasionally like to make sure I butt in. Besides my father, today's also Mary's birthday. She lives way over in the State of Washington.

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