Friday, September 19, 2008


Ahoy, me ma'eys. Don't'cha know? Besides the fact that it also happens to be the Feast of San Gennaro, today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Everybody has to talk like a pirate all day, especially while he's doing the Friday dance. Last night I watched "Burn Notice" again. I absolutely despise the fact that it's on so insanely late at night but it's the only current show I even bother with anyway. Uncle Frankie called my father last night & explained that he can't go to tonight's big game because he has to go to New Jersey tomorrow & doesn't want to take any chances before the trip. My father is going with their friend Tony. My back still hurts like crazy, but only when I move. If I stay in one position nothing happens. Tomorrow I have to show up at what promises to be a very busy Carmelite meeting. Last week I got a notice from the local Red Cross asking me to go back to Plains, this time to the American Legion, for yet another blood drive. A few nights ago a woman called up to confirm an appointment for me.

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