Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today I went to the Carmelite meeting. There were only five people, including Sister Catherine, so Fr. Garth & Rosemary didn't bother to show up. They want to wait until we can count on as close to perfect attendance as possible. Rosemary got us a new book, "Prophets Of Fire" by Fr. Kilian Healy, O.Carm. Right before I left I made sure I got six dollars worth of contest tickets for all the baskets they were raffling off. A while ago I was on quite a streak. I always seemed to when each time I took a chance on a basket that was being raffled off by a church. My father went to the game last night. On the way he stopped to pick up Tony. My lower back still hurts quite a whole lot but I'm learning to handle it by now. Yesterday the stock market, for the few minutes that I watched the news, was absolutely going right through the roof. As I pass by a few local gas stations lately I've been noticing that gas prices have gone down a little lately, though only by a few pennies. I quite desperately need a haircut but have never been all that ambitious about getting them. Alas I reckon I shall most certainly have to pay Rose the barber lady a visit one of these days.

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