Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Mary Anne, my sister, will be moderating a pre-debate panel at 7:30 tonight (Wednesday) that will be live on C-Span television and Sirius radio. Hope you will be able to watch/listen. Yesterday I finished "King Lear" & started "MacBeth" again. I hope I shall be able to finish it this time. The last time I never got beyond the middle. As always nothing much worth bothering with is on TV lately so I read quite a whole lot. I found out that my father got a call on Monday night inviting him to go see Sarah Palin in Scranton. He wasn't willing to go. Nobody bothered to tell me about it until it was too late. If I should have known, I should have been happy to go. This will be one of the most significant elections of our time. I just noticed that there's a new movie out about Bush 43. It's called "W". Since nobody likes W, whose approval rating is even worse than Nixon's, most probably nobody will be willing to bother with "W" either. Bush has certain things in common with Nixon. Nobody wants this war any more than Viet Nam & nobody likes Cheney any more than Agnew. The death toll in this war is insanely higher than Nixon's war.

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