Thursday, October 16, 2008


When I first went out this morning the weather was miserable. It was damp & raining. Last night I watched C.span from 7:30_9:00 up until right before the beginning of the debate. There was a call_in segment for people to suggest questions to ask the candidates. I considered calling but didn't bother. Every time I've ever tried to get through to something like that the lines have always been nightmarishly busy. Uncle Frankie came over for a while to see it. Mary Anne said, on the phone this morning, that she had a good time at it. Michael especially must have appreciated it. I just don't ever stay up late if I can possibly avoid it. I found out from on of my Myspace connections that some states even allow early voting. In Tennessee it was Election Day today. Yesterday I practiced my guitar & read more of "MacBeth". It takes a while for that Elizabethan English to set into my head so I have to read it extremely slowly & extremely carefully. The footnotes have always aggravated me. My next Carmelite meeting will be on Saturday morning. I should most hope the attendance will be at least a little better than it was last month. Hardly anybody showed up.

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