Monday, October 13, 2008


All went well when I lectored at 5:00 Mass on Saturday. Unfortunately for the moonbats, today we celebrate Columbus Day. I've just found out that Barack Obama has organized truth squads. Of course, his supporters claim that they are supposedly countering any foul play that may come from the opposition. Detractors, however, claim that they are harassing voters. There's entirely too much propaganda in it, though, to be able to get to the truth. The Clintons were in Scranton yesterday. I should have gone over to see them if I could have known in advance. Last night I went to a meeting of the Holy Name Society at O.L. Sorrows. Jerry, as always, served "Blazing Saddles" food. Unfortunately either O.L. Sorrows or St. Joseph's is inevitably going to close very soon. The same is true of very many other churches in the Scranton Diocese. Steve just sent out an e mail about his band, Spectrum. They'll be playing in the Long Beach, N.Y. Library on Nov. 1 from 2:00 to 3:30. It's in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday & stayed for supper.

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