Tuesday, October 07, 2008


When I first went out to my car this morning the windshield was a sheet of ice. Fortunately I found a scraper in my trunk. The leaves are fast turning colors & falling off the trees now. That's a very nice portend of all the ice, rain & snow yet to come, of course. Halloween's only a few weeks away & it was always bitter cold when I was a kid. Lately I've been noticing that reruns of "Married With Children" are on at 6:00 a.m. When it was on originally I used to watch that show quite compulsively. Like "Seinfeld", it appeals to my bizarre side. I still desperately need a haircut. Most probably I shall procrastinate about it indefinitely. I always end up really stupid looking because my hair's very hard to control when it's too long. Yesterday I played my guitar again. I'm hoping to figure out how to play "Do You Want to Know A Secret", "A Hard Day's Night" & all my other favorites as well as possible. Today is International Disturbed People Day. Each of us knows more than a few of them.

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