Monday, December 01, 2008


Yesterday's weather was an absolute nightmare of snow, sleet & rain. Today's much nicer though. Lately my parents have been going crazy with Christmas decorations. It's one of the much more annoying practical realities which everybody goes through each December. There's a lot of heavy lifting, climbing & general clumsiness involved. When I went to 5:00 Mass on Saturday I ran into Donna, one of our former lectors. She's now Sister Donna, a novice in a religious community. I ended up having to cover for Cheryl because she wasn't available to lector. Although everyone seemed to have gotten through Black Friday in one piece, there was a death over in Valley Stream, N.Y. at a Wal.Mart where an employee was stampeded to death by shoppers. Of course it should be most certainly classified as a murder. Mary Anne, Steve & kids when they went home on Saturday, got stuck when their car broke down over in New Jersey.

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