Saturday, December 27, 2008


Now that the Christmas partying has ended things are back to being merely quietly dysfunctional around here again. Yesterday I made sure I took advantage of the Blockbusters gift card I got from the kids. I went to the store over at the Insalaco's shopping center in West Pittston & got a couple of James Bond movies, "From Russia With Love" & the much more recent "Casino Royale". It turns out that Lotte Lenya was a real person. I've always known of her as a character in "Mack the Knife" but she appeared in "From Russia With Love". "Casino Royale" was also the name of a late 1960's Bond parody starring David Niven. From now on, exactly because Christmas was so fattening, I'm really looking forward to cutting down on food for quite a while. New Year beckons. I don't usually bother to party for the new year in any significant way.

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