Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This morning started out on a predictably annoying note. Upon having finished my second cup of coffee, Dunkin' Donuts brand, on top of that, I picked up my blanket to straighten it out. Unfortunately, upon my giving it too much of a pull, it flew into the cup I was using, knocked it onto the floor & broke it. It was a cup that celebrated the joys of chocolate. To my chagrin, I've never exactly been a news junkie. Yesterday, though, I made sure I watched Glenn Beck on Fox TV for a few minutes because Tom Woods, who is on my Facebook friends' list, appeared on it for a few minutes in order to tout his new book, "Meltdown". Before Mass at St. John's in Pittston this morning, I took a walk up one of the long & winding local side streets because I really need the exercise. The hill proved to be entirely too steep for me though & I got really wiped out. I spent around a half hour after that constantly coughing. I passed by St. Casimir's Church, which is closed, & St. Mary of the Assumption. After Mass the woman who sat next to me commented on how Fr. Walsh must not have been available because those are the only times I show up at Mass over there. Another woman, one of the people from the blood drive, told me in the parking lot a few minutes later that they got seventy five donors. Unfortunately many blood drives don't do that well

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