Monday, February 09, 2009


In spite of our Groundhog Day warning, the weather has been turning out awfully nice lately. Fr. Walsh has been gone since Friday so I go to St. John's in Pittston for Mass until he's back. Last night I went to a Holy Name Society meeting. Things go entirely out of control because of the parish closings. There are a lot of hard feelings as with any political troubles. Smiles wrote a big article about it in the local paper. The people of the Wyomings have always gotten along reasonably well but the church troubles have started wars. I've never been able to get used to that part of being in an organization. Uncle Frankie, Fran & Lisa came over Saturday & hung around for a few hours. Fran came back yesterday before she went home. Yesterday I gave blood at St. John's early in the morning. It was the easiest donation I've ever given. It only lasted around fifteen minutes with no pain or aggravation. I wasn't even kept waiting.

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