Saturday, February 14, 2009


A big happy birthday goes out to Benjamin, who turns five today. He's Michelle & Doug's son. Anner(technically Anna), who was once my supervisor at Citicorp Retail Services in Melville, also has a birthday today. The weather's been consistently very nice lately though it was more than a little on the cold side last night & this morning. Last night, someone called again asking for that John Owens guy. I have no idea who in Sam Hill he could possibly be but we have the same phone number. Valentine's Day most certainly seems to be working out quite well so far. Appropriately when I got out of 7:30 Mass this morning at O.L.Mt. Carmel in Pittston, I couldn't help noticing that they were having a Pre_Cana meeting. That's quite the logically consistent approach to things. Unfortunately I keep finding out that people are getting very violently ill with the flu these days. So far I've managed to avoid anything worse than a scratchy throat.

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