Friday, February 27, 2009


Karen's wake & funeral are on Sunday & Monday. I'm supposed to leave very early on Sunday morning with Larry & Rose. Today's cousin Gary's birthday, so happy birthday to him. A couple of days ago over at Our Lady of Sorrows I got a really nice pizza coupon from Tom. It's for Old Forge Pizza over in Luzerne at Gerrity's. I got the one for the white pie. I'm used to seeing the Old Forge Pizzeria in Insalaco's shopping center in West Pittston. It had never even occurred to me there was one in Luzerne. It's in the opposite direction. There's no meat allowed on the menu today because it's a Friday. As far as I know there's no rule against dancing. When I first got home from church today it felt as if spring were here. Now it feels colder & I think I've seen people with umbrellas. I really hope the weather holds out so Steve & Michael will have an easy time tonight when they have to come in for Michael's car.

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