Tuesday, March 03, 2009


On Sunday morning, at around 7:45 a few cousins & I left from Hilldale to go to Karen's funeral in Buffalo. Under nicer circumstances it would have been an enjoyable trip, just the usual collection of entirely mismatched personalities. We stopped a few times at rest stops & relaxed a while. The weather was nice there but too cold & windy. There was a very bad blizzard on Long Island too. The wake & funeral were both very long & very sad. My claustrophobia, not surprisingly, kicked in. Because I used to spend a lot of Thanksgivings there a long time ago, I had to say hello to lots of my cousins' friends. We spent a lot of time hanging around together in those days. It's very hard to believe that March is upon us. After a few more weeks of bad weather, we shall be able to count on some mighty nice springtime sunshine up ahead. Photobucket

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