Tuesday, March 17, 2009


St. Patrick's Day has been working out quite well so far. It's been a nice quiet day with no major trouble. I'm wearing all my official green clothes, though not the right shade. I even have my shamrock socks on. Yesterday, as usual, Noreen called from St. Joseph's to make sure I'd be available for St. Joseph's Feast day on Thursday. This morning after Mass I went to the rectory to pick up the papers I'll need. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday when I wasn't around. As always he made sure he left a souvenir. This time it was donuts. I'm old enough to remember when McDonald's used to sell a shamrock shake every year for St. Patrick's Day. It was only a vanilla shake with green food coloring anyway but we'd all enjoyed it. Now it's just a bunch of nostalgia running around in my head. I'm still reading "Vanity Fair" & now have only a few dozen pages yet to go.

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