Monday, May 18, 2009


The weekend worked out quite well. Yesterday my parents were going to invite Uncle Frankie for supper but were too worn out. My mother talked to Fran on the phone for a while. I watched "The Dead Zone" with Anthony Michael Hall on channel 11 very late last night after all my favorite reruns. I don't usually bother with current shows but this one's kind of like "The Twilight Zone". Earlier in the day, I also watched a little of Barack Obama's(the abortion president's)appearance at Notre Dame. The people in charge of that school should be hanging their heads in absolute shame for allowing him there. I give credit to the pro_lifers who boo.ed him. They could have been a bit more polite though. I went to an unusually short Holy Name Society meeting last night. All worked out well. As usual, Fr. Walsh wasn't there. Jerry made hot dogs with chili. I got some soda & potato chips, onions & a pickle with mine. Like the Carmelite meeting the HNS meeting had unusually good attendance this month. There won't be another one until September.