Saturday, May 23, 2009


All's been going quite well lately. The weather's been very nice so far except that I heard it may rain again tonight. I cut the grass this morning because the tractor broke down yesterday. That kind of work really makes me work up quite a sweat. I have to lector again at Mass this weekend. It's quite a pretty regular thing with me. Quite a while ago I lost my Marian pocket calendar. Last night I found it again so I have been transferring everything into it so I can use it regularly from now on. This morning I was forced to put up with the usual garbage while driving on Main Street in Pittston. As I passed the Sunoco gas station, not one but two losers drove right into it over the lane as I was passing by, as I had the right of way in the opposite lane. Memorial Day is Monday. From what I know of life around here, people seem to have a kind of tradition of visiting their dead in the graveyards.