Friday, June 19, 2009


Sunday is Father's Day so everybody should be showing up for a big party. I think my father & Uncle Frankie are supposed to go to a football game too. Today I have a slight headache but I should suppose it will be gone fairly soon over the course of the day. Tomorrow I shall have to go to Wilkes_Barre for our monthly Carmelite meeting. We meet in a conference room now. There's a new nun who's in charge of things over there. It seems much different now that Sister Catherine is no longer available. So far this morning it hasn't rained but lately there's been rain for at least a little while each day. Yesterday I got yet another high school friend to join my Facebook friends list. Since school, Donna & I haven't gotten a chance to see each other except at reunions. She's a grandmother now. It's time for yet another rousing Friday dance.