Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday I went to DeMauro's for pizza. I've eaten their pizza once before. It's on William Street in Pittston right across the street from St. John's Church. I'm not even the least bit impressed with the parking over there. The kin wanted chicken wings too but they didn't have them. Mary Anne went someplace else to get them. The pizza was quite good. They're one of the very few pizzerias in the area that have round, New York style pizza. Usually we end up getting Sizzle Pie in Kingston but they're always closed on Mondays. Today is Dennis' fiftieth birthday. He's an old friend from St. Gabriel's in Queens. Tomorrow is the first day of our annual trip to Hilldale for the Fourth of July. Most of the kin will be showing up, though many won't be available. My cousin Vinnie is going to get his new Kia Sportage today. He says his Blazer's dying of old age. Yesterday I watched "Becker" again. It's always really interesting. This morning, after Mass I was supposed to get milk but I plum forgot. Fr. Walsh showed up this time. The guy who's in charge of unlocking the church never got there until really late though.