Tuesday, September 08, 2009


My fiftieth birthday now encroaches upon us, getting closer with each day. It's now exactly eight days away. I'm still practicing with my Beatle book & guitar magazine. Scales & arpeggios are as interesting as they are annoying. I didn't get any headaches this year. I've been through some pretty painful Labor Days though. There have been some when I've gotten bad migraines. My parents wanted to go to the annual Triduum at the Oblates' Seminary but they didn't make it. I went on Sunday & yesterday. They didn't have a bishop this year. Father Leo McKernan was their visiting priest. Brother Patrick officially became a postulant yesterday. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday with his usual chocolate candy. He was ill for a while but seems to be doing well since then. Fran came in for a day. I should most probably get a haircut very soon. I just noticed, on my calendar, that my last one was during the first week of June. Because of Obama's health care reforms there was a big broadcast of LBJ's telephone conversations, forty five years ago this month, with Al Gore Sr. among others about health care & the 1964 election. It was interesting but it was also quite annoying because it took so long.