Friday, September 11, 2009


Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday. He & my father are supposed to go to a game tonight but it will be cancelled if it rains. My car needed anti_freeze today. That was lots of fun in the rain. I got a card yesterday from Grace, Daren's mother. Sunday was the fourth anniversary of Daren's death & everyone misses her. It was the first card I got this year for my birthday. I recently started re_reading "The Way Of Perfection" by St. Teresa of Avila & "The Living Flame Of Love" by St. John of the Cross. Today is a very sad anniversary. On this day Moslem terrorists, entirely unprovoked, attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, & flight 93, murdering almost 3,000 people. I lived in Lindenhurst back in those days. It affected many people I knew. Mike, from my class in high school, just joined my Facebook friends list. He's interested in all sorts of artsy_fartsy intellectual stuff. Conveniently, so am I. We appear to have a lot of disagreements though, about many things. On this day in 1971 I moved from Jackson Heights to Lindenhurst. It turned out to be quite a significant jolt for me.