Thursday, October 08, 2009


Yesterday went quite well. It was rather an uneventful day until I tried to leave O.L. Mt. Carmel last night. Ada was the only one who wasn't available for the meeting. She went to a G.O.P. fund raiser. Fr. Jackson, Lynn, Jonathan & Neil were there. We talked about angels. Lynn gave us a copy of an old speech, by Pope John Paul II, about angels. There was a band, in the auditorium, practicing for an upcoming event. They were too loud. At around 8:30 we ended up deciding that it was time to leave. Everyone went out into the parking lot together. I was the first to try to go home. When I tried to start my car I noticed that the battery was dead. I got the other people to jump it for me with their cables. When I got up this morning my father & I went to Sears in Wilkes_Barre to get a new battery. The mechanic who was supposed to do the job wasn't available. He was about two hours late. It all ended fairly well. It was just too annoying.