Saturday, January 27, 2007

Car Appointment On Monday

Yesterday, I didn't have my insurance & registration so my father & I were forced to go to the Midway_he was missing his registration too. My insurance was in the glove compartment. The woman in the place we went to was a real grouch but she claimed to have been giving us a quite seriously huge discount so it worked out. Today's my absolute deadline for the sticker so I feel like a totally_so defiant_ rebel riding around without having already gotten it over with. Other than that I haven't been quite so out of control lately. It's still very cold but at least there's no bad snow. I've been noticing that the mornings are getting a little lighter lately. That's a major improvement by my standards since around here winter mornings so far have been all gloom, doom & ice. Gas prices are going down too so that's even more to hoot & holler about. I can't see why they're so low, though, because the politicians, as far as I've noticed, don't seem to be running for anything lately.

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