Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Very Old Classic Movie

Last night I saw Humoresque, with John Garfield, Joan Crawford & Oscar Levant. It's the latest addition to my list of classic movies. It's snowing out this morning, a continuation from yesterday. I've finally finished Mansfield Park & started Walker Percy's Thanatos Syndrome again. Today started out with only a very mild headache but now it's gone. Great Caesar's Ghost! I finally got an e mail from California Cathleen. Happy birthday to all this month's birthday people. TV channels are all abuzz these days with Roe v. Wade & politicians gearing up for the 2008 presidential election. I know so far that Barack Obama & Hilary Clinton are all the rage. I shall have to go to that website I mentioned a while ago & check out their track records. Hey, congratulations are in order to my cousin Mark & his ten year old son, Nicolas, who got their names mentioned in an article in Newsday.

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