Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let It Snow

This morning I arose to the sound of the guy next door shoveling snow at around 6:30_ish. The temperature, according to the radio, should be as low as 13 degrees today. Unfortunately, Catholic schools are suffering & closing around here like crazy in the Diocese of Scranton. I went to Catholic school in the Dioceses of Brooklyn & Rockville Centre, so I know they're an especially groovy environment. Nobody ever wants to give these schools any sort of help by way of vouchers or tax breaks for parents but everybody would benefit if something could be done to keep kids in Catholic schools. Liberals, though, want total secularization of each & every single aspect of life in the entire country & aren't about to give in. They want their politically correct dictatorship of relativism to reign supreme in each and every single area of people's lives. Hey, cousin Michelle & her son Benjamin showed up today to say howdy when they were taking the other young_uns to school.

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